5D Diamond Painting HOME Full Square

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Full Square 20X25cmFull Square 20X25cm
Full Square 30X40cmFull Square 30X40cm
Full Square 40X50cmFull Square 40X50cm
Full Square 45X60cmFull Square 45X60cm
Full Square 50X70cmFull Square 50X70cm
Full Square 60X80cmFull Square 60X80cm
Full Square75X100cmFull Square75X100cm
Full Round 20X25cmFull Round 20X25cm
Full Round 30X40cmFull Round 30X40cm
Full Round 40X50cmFull Round 40X50cm
Full Round 45X60cmFull Round 45X60cm
Full Round 50X70cmFull Round 50X70cm
Full Round 60X80cmFull Round 60X80cm
Full Round75X100cmFull Round75X100cm
Full Round 15X20cmFull Round 15X20cm
Vendor: Artinterior SKU: 13067328-Full-Square-20X25cm

This delightfully enjoyable and beautifully conceived craft idea provides a wonderful distraction and great fun. Each of our delectable 5D diamond painting kits is made up of thousands of carefully constructed diamond shaped beads. Each bead is carefully applied by you according to our easy-to-follow instruction. Once completed, our enjoyable kit leaves you with a beautiful and valuable Home-themed decoration and conversation-starter fit for any living area.

  • Type: Diamond Painting Full Square /round Diamond Mosaic 

  • Drill Area: 100% Full Diamond Embroidery

  • About Diamond Quantity: More Than 30% Extra Resin Diamond

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Full square 20x25cm, Full square 30x40cm, Full square 40x50cm, Full square 45x60cm, Full square 50x70cm, Full square 60x80cm, Full square75x100cm, Full round 20x25cm, Full round 30x40cm, Full round 40x50cm, Full round 45x60cm, Full round 50x70cm, Full round 60x80cm, Full round75x100cm, Full round 15x20cm